Are all our teas caffeine free ?

“No, not all of our teas are caffeine free, teas containing caffeine will be listed under the description its contents.

Are you products tested on animals?

“We absolutely do NOT test on animals all of our product are clean and

Do you use any preservatives in your products?

“No all our products are natural and organic ingredients blended artisanally together. Maintaining a perfect balance of flavors, and aromas.”

Which of your products are best for very dry skin?

“Our Soothing Leaf Body Scrubs line are created with the personal care a thought, specifically to help exfoliate and re-hydrate the clean. Our Body Scrubs are infused with vitamin rich oils and nutrients that are very beneficial for the skin. Salts and Sugars are added to help remove old dead skin and toxins from the body, leaving a smooth silky skin underneath”

Do you offer free samples or coupons?

“Yes, all orders come with a free sample. For coupons, please click “Get Discount” on the bottom right of the page. Follow instructions to receive instant coupon code.”

I'm a blogger and I love Soothing Leaf, how can I review an item?

“We would love the opportunity to work with you. Please send us a message through the Contact Us page and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.”